It’s Freddy, the world’s largest dog, stands more than seven feet tall

This is the largest dog that exists on the Earth. His name is Freddy! As the Guinness World Record, Freddy is also mentioned as the world’s biggest dog officially. This dog breed is originally from Germany, and its breed is Great Dane. The average weight of Freddy is about 190 pounds, and he’s tall about 33 inches in height. However, Freddy’s owner Claire said, they knew that Freddy would be a huge dog even when he was a puppy.

World Lagest Dog
Source: Facebook/freddygreatdane

Claire has expected some measurements from Freddy, but he has exceeded those measurements and become larger than they expect. Many people become afraid when walking with Freddy because of his size, but as Claire said, he is the sweetest dog that she ever had. When Freddy stands by his rear legs, he’s taller than humans.

World Lagest Dog
Source: Facebook/freddygreatdane

Even though he is really huge, Freddy is very normal as other dogs. He is really kind to everyone, even with other dogs around him, whether they are really small. And also, Claire’s two kids say that they even feel more secure while Freddy’s being around them.

World Lagest Dog
Source: Facebook/freddygreatdane

Freddy is a really amazing dog that even you need to look at and share with your other friends. Also, you can be updated with his Official Facebook Page.

Watch the fantastic Video of Freddy’s on YouTube from here.

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