These Two Twins of 1971 Dodge Demon and Duster Vehicles Were Found From An Old Garage

Flamboyant design, powerful V8 engines, and dragstrip fun were hallmarks of cars manufactured in the 1970s when they were at their peak popularity among young people in the United States. You can always locate the perfect classic from about that era, whether you want something that can rip up the track or cruise around to local car meets.

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It has, however, been largely unclear from the start which was principally responsible for the superiority of the American muscle car/pony car movement. Of course, we’re joking; the correct answer is Mopar, famous for its bare-bones, high-performance V8s. But what about the people who appreciate these vehicles’ aesthetic value and wish to show their spouse or other loved one around?

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The answer to that question might just be found in these identical 1971 Mopar muscle vehicles, which feature the highest performance for their time and have enough history to fill hundreds of hours of discourse. One is a Dodge Demon, a car noted for its ability to run the quarter mile in 12 seconds, while the other is a Duster.

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Aside from the front fascia and a few other minor design cues, these are all essentially the same automobile. These vehicles are stylish even at their advanced ages, making them an excellent choice for a couple working on a car project together. Now we’re left with a perplexing question. For what reason were these automobiles left unused for nearly three decades?

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Despite how crazy it sounds, these vehicles haven’t been driven in decades, which is sad news for us car enthusiasts who recognize their potential. While the reasons for storing these muscle vehicles remain a mystery, we know that the Demon and the Duster were last driven in 1986 and 1989, respectively.

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When their new owner comes along at an estate sale in Sawyer, Michigan, the 340 ci V8 engines in these vehicles will be practically ready to go. After the cars were sold on April 23, 2022, they may continue to exist if all goes well. It would be awesome if these things could get going again and ride off into the sunset together, but we’ll have to wait and see.


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